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An insidious disease lies dormant in everyone. Every host is a ticking time bomb. Rye Thorburn battles the murderous illness every night, and now he must decide if he’s willing to risk everything to uncover the chilling truth behind it. Hello Darkness is available here.
The Four Seasons Project brings together 50 short stories and poems from 34 prize-winning writers. Each piece is based on one of the four seasons – summer, autumn, winter or spring. Whether you are a sun lover or a snow bunny, there is something here for you! Available here.



Two years ago Sandra James adopted a deaf Mini-Dachshund. On their daily walks, story ideas began to flow! Flash fiction, short stories, genres of all kinds, even some prize winners, all spouted from Sandra’s pen. My Muse Wears a Purple Collar is available here.
Alan Bryant’s book asks a simple question – If you found a baby in a bag, what would you do? The Baby, The Bankrupt and The Millionaire compares rich and poor families. Money, eh? How much is enough? Available here.
In a world where you can be anything, be a bear. Year of the Bear‘s short stories weave together social commentary with folklore, fairy tale, fantasy, and science fiction to entertain, challenge, and sometimes frighten readers. Available here.
‘Use the bush as a library, not a supermarket’, is the mantra of Rees Campbell’s ‘Eat More Wild Tasmanian’. This fantastic book will further your understanding of the gastronomic wonders of the bush around us. Full details can be found here.
Remote Qld, circa 1970’s. At the local wool-shed dance, Roxy confronts a grazier over a drunken boast of his tally of slaughtered eagles. A strange massing of eagles soon after, and their eventual disappearance leads Roxy to Irene, an indigenous elder and keeper of wedged-tail lore. Full details can be found here.
Sci Fi for all ages. Kaleen Kar’s ‘Neidra’s Lore‘ follows the timeless, yet tragic, theme of reaching for the stars with Icarus-like wings—but forgetting who we are in the process. Neidra’s Lore can be purchased here.

Kirily McKellor’s first anthology of verse features contemporary and traditional poetry. It ranges from optimistic to bleak and each poem offers a different look at the world around us. Details can be found here
Jennifer Hetherington’s first poetry collection reflects on physical and emotional environments that traverse several decades of musings. Details can be found here
David Vernon’s ‘A Good Yarn’ shines a spotlight onto seven historical events that have grown into Australian legends. It contains a fascinating insight into how popular myths are made and can wield influence not just at the time of their invention, but for years, even generations to come. Details can be found here
The poems in Agi Dobson’s first collection of poetry are varied in subject and setting; unified by the theme of deep emotion. The language is visual and sensory, capturing feelings of love, loss, joy and regret. Copies are available from the author who can be contacted at pandadobson@hotmail.com
Valerie Derry’s ‘The Gallery of Loss’ is a book that provides self help options for people in grief. A free copy of the book may be downloaded here
Sean Lee’s ‘Harry’s War‘ tells the story of 14 year old Harry, a country boy who likes nothing better than felling trees with his father and playing footy with his mates. But a tough school master, a loud mouthed acquaintance and the arrival of World War One shatter Harry’s simple but peaceful existence. From promising school boy to Gallipoli veteran, this is the heart wrenching story of Harry’s war. Details can be found here
Have you ever been immersed in silence, yet heard an inner voice of peace that is different to your own?
Have you ever wondered whose voice it is?
Helen Bishop is a Christian author and artist. “in His words” is her first book. For more details please contact the author at  besorahpress@gmail.com