Epic Unlimited Magazine

We are now accepting submissions for the first edition of our new e-magazine Epic Unlimited.

What we are looking for: Fast paced stories and articles. Give us action, adventure, travel, exploration, amazing science, wonder, fascinating history, personal experience, sport, fiction or non-fiction, we don’t care. Just make it entertaining. Any genre, any style. We prefer previously unpublished stories. We will, however, consider previously published pieces, as long as they haven’t been published within the last ten years.

What we are not looking for: Dry retellings, meandering snore-fests, dull narratives, stories in which nothing happens.

Who can submit? Anyone. We are Australian based but international submissions are most welcome. Stories must be written in English though. We would also like to run one or two stories per edition from junior writers (under 16 – parental approval required).

Word limit: 5000 words, but please, only use the words you need. Don’t pad out your stories. Edit tightly. Remember, we want an adrenaline rush while reading your work, not a tranquilliser.

How to submit: Open an email. Type ‘Epic Unlimited’ in the subject line. Attach your story (make sure it includes the title and author’s name). Then send it to shortstories.unlimited@gmail.com . It’s that simple! Submissions are free.

Notification: You will be notified that your work has been received (allow one week, although it will probably be quicker). You will be notified a second time if your work has been accepted or rejected (allow up to three months for this one). If you haven’t heard from us within these time frames only, you may email us a query.

Payment: Stories that are accepted for publication will be paid at the rate of 1 cent per word (rounded up to the nearest dollar), with a minimum payment of $20. For example:

Any story up to 2000 words = $20.

2500 words = $25

3000 words = $30

4000 words = $40

5000 words = $50

All published writers also receive a free copy of the emagazine in which their story appears.

Payment is made on the number of words in the published version of the story. This may differ from the submitted story due to editing.

Please note, all payments are listed in Australian dollars.

Size and frequency of editions: At this stage ‘Epic Unlimited’ will be regularly unregular! Eventually we would like to make it a quarterly publication running to about 30,000 words. Until we get established though…who knows! It will all depend on the response we get from both the contributors and the readers. We hope to have the first edition out towards the middle of this year (2023).